Sheriff Clarke SLAMS Chuck Schumer On Immigration

Yesterday, Chuck Schumer went on the Senate floor and chastised the President’s leadership after the NYC terror attack. “President Trump where is your leadership? The contrast between President Bush’s actions after 9/11 and President Trump’s actions this morning could not be starker,” Schumer said. “In a moment of national tragedy, President Bush understood the meaning of his high office. … President Trump instead of politicizing and dividing America, should be bringing us together and focusing on the real solution: anti-terrorism funding.”

Sheriff Clarke did not like how Schumer used the Senate floor to voice disgust with the President and thinks Schumer got it all wrong. Clarke responded to Schumer by saying, “Schumer accuses [Trump] of dividing people for talking about extreme vetting. Correct-People who love America vs people who hate it.” He also slammed others in Congress who might agree with Schumer. Here are his tweets:

Sheriff Clarke has been quite the ally for Trump as he has faced tremendous backlash from several members of Congress ever since becoming President. And it was much-needed right now as Schumer combined with GOP Congressmen, such as Sen. Flake have come out to try to make Trump look bad in this instance.

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  1. Schumer is about as much of a lowlife as there is anywhere ,he would roll over anyone for any reason to feather his cap of disseat , and of coarse steal lie and cover for those that lowers themselves into the gutter with him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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