O.J. Simpson Takes A Shot at Caitlyn Jenner in Recent Interview

O.J. Simpson was walking to his SUV in Las Vegas when approached by a photographer from splashnews.com. The photographer asked a couple questions, asking if he liked Las Vegas and if he planned to go to Florida. O.J. responded and said he likes Vegas and does to plan to go to Florida eventually.

Then the photographer got even more personal and asked what OJ thought about the Caitlyn Jenner excerpts, where Caitlyn said both she and Kris Jenner knew darn well O.J. killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.

First, O.J. said he doesn’t know Caitlyn but knows Bruce Jenner, however he didn’t know Bruce that well. Then said ,“As far as Bruce is concerned, if he wants to live his life out as an old lady instead of an old man…hey, women live longer.”

O.J.’s response appeared to be a cheap shot at Caitlyn Jenner cause back when Caitlyn was known as Bruce, O.J. and Nicole Simpson vacationed with Bruce and Kris Jenner, according to TMZ. Bruce Jenner transitioned into a female since O.J. went to prison in 2008 and is now known as Caitlyn. O.J. is likely was using the moment to strike back at Caitlyn Jenner for publicly saying she thinks O.J. is a murderer, and ridiculing Caitlyn for being transgender.

Caitlyn has not responded to O.J. yet, but if she does, things can get even more interesting.

Here is the video: