While In His Hospital Room, The NYC Terrorist Had ONE Disgusting Request

More details have emerged regarding the aftermath of the deadly terrorist attack in New York. Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov mowed down a group of innocent people in New York City Tuesday, and was taken to the Bellevue Hospital after being shot twice in the leg by officers.

Saipov was heard yelling “Allahu Akbar” during the attack and paperwork was discovered outside of the truck, where he pledged allegiance to ISIS. According to TMZ, while at the hospital, Saipov was so thrilled about what he had done that he asked law enforcement for one last request to help solidify his actions.

Saipov reportedly told law enforcement he wanted to fly the ISIS flag in his hospital room. TMZ reports Saipov told FBI agents he “felt good about what he had done.”

TMZ also reported:

His cellphone was an electronic ISIS training manual which included, among other things, a video of ISIS fighters shooting prisoners in the face and a video of a beheading. The complaint says the videos, 90 in all, inspired Saipov to carry out the attack.

Saipov is currently awaiting trial. President Trump indirectly called him an “animal” and is weighing out whether or not to take measures to send Saipov to Gitmo with other terrorists after murdering 8 people.