President Trump and Chuck Schumer Trade Jabs Amid NYC Terror Attack

President Trump was up and at em on Twitter Wednesday, immediately expressing thoughts on how we can prevent future terrorist attacks like the one that happened in NYC yesterday from happening again.

In his tweets he specifically called out Sen. Chuck Schumer for “helping to import Europe’s problems.” He quoted Col. TONY Shaffer for making that comment. He then proceeded by saying, “We need to stop this craziness.” Trump also discussed how the terrorist got into our country, which is through the “Diversity Visa Lottery Program” that he says was supported and designed by Chuck Schumer. Trump said he ultimately wants a “merit based” program to replace the one Schumer designed.

Here are the tweets:

Chuck Schumer hit back by saying, “I guess it’s not too soon to politicize a tragedy.”

Regardless of who is right and who is wrong with their argument, it is a fact that President Trump has worked hard trying to pass legislation to prevent terrorists from flooding into our country with new immigration laws. However, circuit court judges have stopped his efforts and it has been very frustrating for the President as he tries to protect the American people.