President Trump Fights Back & Delivers a STRIKING BLOW to Mueller’s Investigation

President Trump finally broke his silence after a weekend of rumors was put to rest when Paul Manafort turned himself in to federal authorities.

Manafort and his aide have since pleaded Not Guilty to charges unrelated to Russian Collusion that special counsel Mueller is currently investigating. President Trump responded to the latest happenings on Twitter.

Here are his responses.

Trump said in his tweets that whatever Manafort was charged with occured years before he was part of Trump’s campaign and questioned why Hillary Clinton and Democrats aren’t being investigated. Then he put it to an end by saying “…also, there is NO COLLUSION!!”

President Trump has pleaded since day #1 of Russian conspiracy theories that there is no collusion and the case against him is a giant “Witch Hunt.” As time goes on and desperate attempts such as today’s events happen, it’s hard not to agree with him. There has been a bunch of nothing-burgers brought forth that are not proving any sort of collusion with Russia.

If anything, the DNC and Clinton Campaigns should be investigated, yet, have gone untouched by the special counsel. How could anyone investigating the election, not find it odd that the Hillary Camp and DNC were behind the Fake Russian Dossier? And see that there are clearly more connections between Dems and Russia as a result of the Uranium One Deal?

We can only hope that this is all just the tip of the iceberg and Mueller proves to be the systematic investigator that everyone claims he is, and he eventually looks more in to these shady dealings by Democrats. It’s only fair.