Hillary Responds to Manafort’s Indictment in a Very Odd Way

Hillary was in Chicago on Monday to promote her new book “What Happened,” at a signing session. When approached by ABC to see how she felt about indictments that were handed down by special counsel Mueller to Trump’s ex-campaign manager Paul Manafort and his business associate, Hillary responded selfishly.

She held up her book and said, “You can find out what happened and what is still happening,” hinting to buy her book like a cheap sales rep, and let out one of her creepy laughs. Then she followed with, “I have a great chapter about Russia in here.” See the video below:

Hillary has blamed everything under the sun for her loss to President Trump except for herself. The latest indictments gave her a chance for an “I told you so” moment while promoting her new book, even though there has still been no concrete evidence released that there was Russian collusion.

Paul Manafort and his associate pleaded “Not Guilty” to several charges that stemmed back to business activity years before the 2016 election cycle. President Trump reiterated that there was “NO COLLUSION” in a tweet today and Manafort’s attorney said Trump is right: the idea of collusion is silly. You can read more on Trump’s slam of Mueller’s indictments HERE.