Dinesh D’Souza’s Wife SLAMS the Left Amid Mueller’s Charges Against Manafort

America woke up Monday to news of Manafort surrendering to federal authorities. And though details related to Mueller’s charges are not completely clear, FOX News indicates one of the charges could be tax-related and has nothing to do with Russian meddling.

The charges come conveniently for the left amid news of actual scandals involving Democrats which include the Uranium One Deal and the DNC’s funding of the Fake Russian Dossier. Many suspect the fake dossier released by BuzzFeed and funded by Democrats is what has led to all of this Russian Collusion mess to begin with.

Dinesh D’Souza is usually outspoken about scandals and wrongdoings by the left, but his wife Debbie came out of nowhere today and beat him to the punch. Debbie responded to the latest charges handed down by Mueller that has Democrats salivating at the prospect of getting the attention off of their backs.

Here is her tweet:

Debbie D’Souza is 100% correct. There is clear evidence of scandal on the left, which Mueller has been connected to, and they have found a way, yet again, to somehow point the blame back to the other side of the aisle.

Mainstream media has barely reported on Uranium One and the Democrats’ funding of the Fake Russian Dossier, yet we will likely now see endless reports about Manafort and the Trump Campaign, which still has shown no evidence of Russian collusion. It all is smoke and mirrors to cover up real wrongdoings by the left

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  1. Just scanned the 31 page indictment. its B.S. has nothing to do with Trump or Collusion, and it was Gates and Manafort from Approx. 2008 -2014. so why is mueller indicting people for stuff he wasnt hired for?

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