Trey Gowdy BLASTS Mueller for Violating The Law

South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy, the leader of the House of Representatives’ top investigative committee laid into Robert Mueller on Sunday for allowing his team to “violate the law.”

Gowdy claimed in his interview with FOX News the recent leaks from Mueller’s team and “disclosing grand jury material is a violation of the law. Somebody violated their oath of secrecy,” said Trey Gowdy during his interview.

Gowdy told FOX News:

“In the only conversation I’ve had with Robert Mueller, I stressed to him the importance of cutting out the leaks. It’s kind of ironic that the people charged with investigating the law and the violations of the law would violate the law.”

Special Counsel Mueller and his team that primarily consists of Democrat donors, have been investigating President Trump’s 2016 Presidential Campaign to see if they colluded with Russia. CNN reported that Mueller’s team has filed the first charges in the case with a federal grand jury, and if their story is proven to not be fake news, there is no question they received information from Mueller’s team. As Gowdy stated, that clearly is a violation of the law.

Here is the full interview:


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  1. Fred be Miller | October 29, 2017 at 6:33 PM |

    Muller and His team Hillery oboma and all the rest need to be put in jail now

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