FLASHBACK: EPIC 2010 Video of Dennis Miller ROASTING Nancy Pelosi Resurfaces!

Although a brain is necessary for people to function, there is a boy who has no brain. To read more about the boy who has no brain… click here.

It does beg the question if Pelosi is also suffering from the same malady. Ok. So Nancy is not a young boy – and to knowledge, she has not proclaimed that she identifies as such. Nancy was born on March 26th, 1940 – and is 77 years old.  Which might explain, the possibility, that it may be a different malady that makes her have brain spasms on camera!

Dennis Miller gave Nancy a roasting in his 2010 Big Speech Special! Best lines and they still apply!! This is what Dennis said and below is the video to watch! Don’t miss the whole thing…hilarious!

“Nancy Pelosi – the whistle on that train of thought – barely audible – off in the distance…can you believe that she was actually the SPEAKER of the House of Representatives?”

We did find a great medley of Nancy experiencing what can only be described as brain spasms. Enjoy and have a laugh at Nancy’s expense.



To be thorough, Dagger News spent a lot of time trying to find her speech from 1981 – her first year in office in D.C. Which means she has been in office longer than the age of the boy with no brain. Hmmmm…we were not able to unearth her first speech…if anyone finds a copy … let us know in comments below!

(Feature Photo compliments of word press user and google search)