Undercover Muslim FBI Agent Comes Forward In Disguise to Describe Operations

(Feature Photo by You Tube Screen Grab and Dagger News)

It took this under cover FBI Agent four hours in hair and make-up to alter his appearance. He is wearing a prosthetic nose and other facial features. And his voice is distorted. He has come out on Fox to tell his story.

He was there the day of 9/11 and when it was discovered that 19 of the perpetrators were predominately Arab Muslims, the New Jersey police officer decided to dedicate his life to combating terrorism and joined the FBI.

(Brookings Institution: Fifteen of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were Saudi citizens.)

  1. The FBI operative spent the last four years under cover and has infiltrated muslim terror groups.  He is going by one of his many aliases … Tamer Elnoury. He tells his story below in the video and also has a book out, called “American Radical: Inside the World of an Undercover Muslim FBI Agent”. It can be purchased at Barnes and Noble by clicking here.

During the interview Elnoury stated per Fox News:

“When we have a subject that we suspect has ill intentions toward our country, is a threat to our nation, I get to study him, I get to learn his pattern of life, I get to find the best person I can be to insert myself into that life as quickly as possible, in an effort to properly gauge that threat,” Elnoury said”

Watch the video below as Tamer Elnoury speaks out on Fox’s America’s Newsroom:

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(Feature Photo by You Tube Screen Grab and Dagger News)