Cowboy Lifts A Fist During The National Anthem, Jerry Jones Makes Him Regret It

Damontre Moore was a former Giants player. It’s no secret that Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys,  feels very strongly that the Anthem and Flag should be respected. And he expects the Cowboys to honor that notion. Moore, along with an another player, raised a fist at the the end of the Anthem. That may or may not have had something to do with why he will never ever don a Cowboy uniform again. One thing is certain, karma got him.

Damontre, no longer plays with the Cowboys as of Wednesday. Coach Jason Garrett said per the Pro Football Talk.

“The Cowboys had to cut somebody to make room for kicker Mike Nugent. It just so happened it was defensive end Damontre Moore.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Wednesday that Moore’s release had nothing to do with anything off the field. Moore has given the team little to nothing so far this season.

He was suspended the first two games, made seven tackles and four quarterback pressures in three games and was inactive Sunday against the 49ers.

“We had to make a roster move and we just felt like the best decision for our team was to release Damontre Moore,” Garrett said.”

Dagger News also found out that Damontre Moore was involved in a snafu at an Uptown club as reported by the Dallas News:

“Moore was also involved in an altercation at an Uptown club Thursday evening, sources say, a confrontation those same sources insist had nothing to do with Tuesday’s release. Club officials are convinced the defensive end wasn’t at fault.”

We may never know if Damontre was released in part for lifting a fist and defying Jerry Jones, but one thing is for sure, Damontre won’t be around to do it again.

Welcome, Mike Nugent, to the Cowboys. Are you still boycotting the NFL? Drop a line below and let us know.

(Feature Photo: Dallas Cowboys Damontre Moore)

7 Comments on "Cowboy Lifts A Fist During The National Anthem, Jerry Jones Makes Him Regret It"

  1. Yes! Too little too late Jerry! Used to be Cowboys fan for life

  2. Disrespect is Disrespect, Its a shame this all had to start because one player disrespected so many Veterans, young, old and gone. You allowed our country to be torn apart and laughed at the outcry of the many football fans who could not wait to see their teams play. Those of you who turned your backs on your country, the only country that is Free. Now the ones that kneeled and the followers are seeing the wrath of their fans. Young, old, black and white decided to turn their TV’s off, stopped purchasing those high priced tickets, no longer purchase all the merchandise. Are you pockets feeling empty? You allowed your selfish ways to destroy a great past time. Will the fans forgive you? I don’t think so. Remember, if you can’t handle the truth, you are doing something wrong. Shame on you all

  3. No NFL in my house! I love the Cowboys, I always will! But this has gone too far! And the NFL has allowed it! We are free because of the brave! God Bless America


  5. Nope, no more NFL. Now and forever. Small price to pay for what so many have sacrificed. Almost two million Purple Hearts awarded to brave servicemen who died or were wounded for our America.

  6. Barbara Wall | October 28, 2017 at 8:33 PM |

    well…Jones should say that was the final nail in the dude’s coffin…I would have like at least that much. I haven’t watched an NFL game in so many years…a bunch of racist anti-american blm whiners that want to end others careers with dirty hits…the game sucks now…no sportsmanship…it’s just do as much damage as possible and collect as much as possible…

  7. Yes, another one bites the dust, arrogantly defying Jerry Jones’ stricktest commands about the behaviour that his team should have during pre-game anthem time. Why is it that these thugs want to do this is just a mystery to me. To top it off D.Moore was getting a hefty sum this year and now its gone for him just because he wanted to make a racist gesture and feel cool and intelligent about it, what a misguided and ignorant athlete, and now no more money either. Thats not 4 but 5 gold stars for brilliance. These players think its some sort of game theyre playing with the owner, head coach, and assistants until the reality of it sets in that they are fired, canned, and unemployed over their ‘feel sorry for me’ ideaology…and these guys actually went to college and learned nothing.

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