Trump Said 6 Words About Uranium One That Is Making Every Liberal’s Head Explode!

Yesterday, before his trip to Dallas, President Trump held an outdoor Presser. And President Trump covered topics like the Dossier the DNC paid for, and the Senatorial Luncheon, Jeff Flake, the Unity of the Republican Party and Uranium One. You have to appreciate the transparency of the President. He answers questions from the press and it is obvious that he is holding nothing back. This is what President Trump had to say about the Uranium One deal that occurred during the Obama era.

Below is the quote from President Trump regarding the Uranium One cover up and below is the full video:

“I think the uranium sale to Russia and the way that it was done, so underhanded with tremendous amounts of money being passed, I actually think that’s Watergate, modern-age,” 

The democrats are saying that the republicans are bringing that up and it’s just bipartisan distraction. However, mounting evidence dictates that is not true. It seems, they would prefer noone know about it.

Rep Devin Nunes (R-CA) has called for an investigation committee to look into the Uranium One deal and yesterday the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) was lifted from the confidential FBI informant that had been set in place during Obama’s term. This means, he will be able to speak directly to Congress and let them know what evidence he has of the corruption that was taking place leading up to the Uranium One deal in our Government. It appears that the Russian money laundering (among other felonies) was a known factor and the Russian desire to overtake our uranium and energy markets were known to many in our Government, including, possibly, even then President Obama himself. Yet, Obama allowed the Uranium One deal to go through. And with it, 20% of American Uranium rights to the Russians. Astounding.

The Business Insider reported: “Theoretically, as Schweizer says, Clinton could have intervened,” The Post reported. “But even then, it ultimately would have been Obama’s decision whether to suspend or block the deal.”

(Feature Photo US News & World Report: L. Patrick Gray III, center, looks over documents with lawyers David Dorsen)