NFL Player Admits Protests Are Messing With Ratings, Still Defends Kneelers

Current data proves Americans are tuning out the NFL. NFL viewership is down 7.5 percent this season across all networks compared to 2016, according to Nielsen ratings metrics.  Is this decline related to NFL player protests? That’s what TMZ questioned Houston Texans cornerback Kareem Jackson in a recent interview.

Jackson responded to TMZ‘s question on whether anthem protests are screwing the ratings and he replied:

“It may be messing with the ratings a little bit. It is what it is though.”

He then proceeded to defend the action that NFL players have taken despite the drop in ratings, and why they will continue to do it. Jackson said “we feel how we feel”  and then claimed players who take part in protesting during the national anthem, do so peacefully and they are “all about equality.”

Here is video of Kareem Jackson’s interview:

President Donald Trump faced much criticism after telling a rally crowd in Alabama that NFL ratings were “down massively” because people don’t like watching anthem protests. It appears President Trump has been correct so far, and Jackson agrees, yet the players simply don’t care about the implications that come with it.

How much more of a decline will it take before players second-guess their actions?


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  1. I will be glad when they shut it down, and they all have to flip burgers. Oh I forgot, with their records they may not find a job.

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