Las Vegas Shooter’s Brother ARRESTED In California

Las Vegas shooter Steven Paddock’s brother, Bruce Paddock, has been arrested, according to TMZ.

Bruce Paddock was living in an assisted living home in North Hollywood, CA, and was taken away by authorities a few hours ago for possession of Child Pornography, per TMZ. The arrest was made by a joint task force that included the FBI and LAPD.

Law enforcement informed TMZ that the investigation into Bruce Paddock began prior to his brother Stephen Paddock’s Las Vegas rampage. Authorities got a warrant after they were tipped off by an anonymous source that Bruce Paddock had child porn on his computer. However, they were unable to locate him.

After the mass shooting involving Stephen Paddock, authorities received tips that Bruce lived in the assisted living center where he was arrested earlier today, after cops found child porn on his computer, as stated in TMZ’s article.

As far as the investigation of Stephen Paddock goes, authorities still have not announced a motive on what left hundreds of concert-goers dead or injured.