Al Green Calls For Impeachment…Again…For Bizarre New Reason

Congressman Al Green (D-Texas) made yet another case to impeach President Trump while on the House floor. His case for impeachment stems from statements President Trump made while defending himself from recent accusations Rep. Frederica Wilson made against the Commander-In-Chief.

Al Green now charges that the President is demeaning the Oval Office because of his free-speech attacks against Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.), which he feels is grounds for impeachment.

Check out his rant:

Al Green YouTube Channel

As Al Green attempted to convince other lawmakers to impeach Trump, he stated “I rise today to defend the honorable Frederica Wilson” and is defending “her worth.” And Green claimed that Wilson had her integrity questioned when the President said she was being untruthful about her accusations.

Green also made part of his case by pointing out the names Frederica Wilson was called by members of President Trump’s Administration. Green suggested that the President made John Kelly call Rep. Wilson an “empty barrel,” without providing any clear proof.

Green concluded:

“This has to stop. I believe the remedy for this kind of behavior and the impact he is having on society is impeachment.”

This, of course, isn’t the first time Green has tried to impeach the President. Green first filed articles for impeachment back in June over the firing of FBI director James Comey. Green stated on his first impeachment process: “This is not about the president and firing someone else. It’s about him firing the FBI director.” The process ended up failing almost immediately.

Green faces an even steeper uphill battle to impeach President Trump this time around, as his claims really have no concrete evidence or proof on either side. President Trump was simply defending himself against the opposition like he has had to do since day #1. This will be tough to persuade enough necessary members of Congress otherwise.

According to all that Green had to say, it would be considered a non-impeachable offense (through Green’s eyes) if President Trump let anyone make up whatever accusation they want against him and not do or say anything about it! Rep. Al Green is beginning to remind America of the classic “The Boy Who Cried Wolf!”