WOW! MSNBC Gets An Unexpected Surprise While Covering Trump’s Wall Prototypes Near The Border

Yes, this really just happened! MSNBC got taught a valuable lesson about the importance of border security while working on a piece devoted to Trump’s proposed border wall.

MSNBC’s crew was in San Diego and reporting on newly constructed prototypes of border walls near San Diego. As the reporter was interviewing a border-patrol agent on camera, the reporter is heard suddenly yelling,”What Happened! The people are crossing!”

The camera pans over and sure enough it shows border patrol agents on horseback zoning in on illegals crossing the border, one of them a little girl with a pink backpack. Check out the video below:

The reporter asked the border patrol agent what was going on and the agent replied to the MSNBC reporter:

“This is the reality of every day border enforcement. The United States is still the draw, the ultimate draw, for people that have dire situations where they’re at. We’re going to continue to witness this. It plays out on a regular basis for us.”

The reporter admitted, “And it did here just now.”

According to NPR, crews are currently constructing eight 30-foot high prototypes in relation to President Trump’s proposed border wall. Four of the prototypes are made of solid concrete, while the other four are made of steel and concrete. One of the eight are topped with spikes, per NPR.

President Trump has received all sorts of criticism from the left in regards to wanting a border wall along the Mexican border. Once constructed, the hope is it will help cut down on illegal immigration that has plagued America for years.

This first-hand account by MSNBC should bring attention that the problem of illegal immigration is a real fight. The few people caught while they were filming is just a tip of the iceberg.