Tomi Lahren CRUSHES Rep. Frederica Wilson’s ‘Rock Star’ Ego

The feud between Rep. Frederica Wilson (Dem, FL) was extended on Saturday after President Trump called her out in a tweet and unveiled his new nickname for her: ‘Wacky Congresswoman Wilson.’

Since Rep. Wilson got into a spat with President Trump over what she claims he said to a widow of a fallen soldier, the White House along with several conservative rock stars, including Sheriff Clarke have spoken out to swipe back at Rep. Wilson. Tomi Lahren is the latest conservative to join in on attacks against Rep. Wilson and my, oh my what she said will take Rep. Wilson’s ego down a couple notches.

Here are key snippets of Tomi’s latest twitter tirade with Rep. Wilson as her target:

Enough said! Somehow Tomi Lahren always finds a way to say exactly what many Americans are thinking.