Moments Ago Cuban Announces If He Will Run For President In 2020

Feature Photo by CNN

Why would the left try and put up a billionaire to run in 2020? It does leave you scratching your head. Especially since in April CNN said: “Mark Cuban is, like Donald Trump, a flashy and controversial billionaire. He’s also, to my mind, one of the most savvy analysts of Trump and the president’s appeal out there.” Give me a break. Seriously? The Dallas party boy Mark Cuban? He is NOTHING like Donald J. Trump. Another fail on CNN’s part.

Harvey Levin on TMZ underwent an hour long interview with Mark Cuban on Fox News Channel tonight on Objectified. A few quick bullet points of the interview follow:

  • at 9 years old he started repackaging baseball cards and selling them
  • at age 12 he sold garbage bags door to door
  • Mark was a heavy party animal in his younger years
  • he worked at Elan at night as a waiter and looked for a job during the day
  • he went to work for his first software company in Dallas, Texas
  • he went to California in his Fiat with enough money and oil because he heard the girls were hot
  • internet micro solutions was his first company to integrate pc’s to the internet
  • Audio Net IP shot up 249% at age 30 and he made his first two million
  • he said “I was a Rock Star” when he bought his American Airline flyers pass
  • overpaid for the Mavericks and made them Champions
  • I am a concerned citizen and I wouldn’t run if i didn’t have solutions
  • offered Obama 10% of the Mavericks for $300 million
  • says he is fearless in life and has a passion for winning

A passion for winning? Sound like someone else we know? Looks like Cuban is trying to package himself like our America First President Donald J. Trump. There is no other candidate who would win against Trump in 2020 because Trump was voted in by the people at the right time when America needed him.

Provided the GDP continues to grow and the stock market continues to soar – I don’t see anyone except Trump as the 2020 Presidential winner. #Trump2020. Although a likable person, Mark Cuban does not seem to be trustworthy.

When Harvey Levin asked if Mark Cuban would run – Cuban responded with “Yeah Sure. Whether or not I will do a different story.

My wife hates the idea but my kids love it. President Trump has a great following and they aren’t going to turn against him. If I ran, I would run as a Republican. Socially I am a centrist and fiscally conservative. I am a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10 for running. And a 5 if my wife says yes.”

When the video is available we will post it here.

Do you see Mark Cuban as a Presidential Candidate and running as a Republican or is he just trying to pull votes away from Trump?

(Feature Photo by CNN)