Dr. Sebastian Gorka Undermines Bannon in Latest Interview

Dr. Gorka,  “…a British-born American military and intelligence analyst, who was a deputy assistant to US President Donald Trump in 2017.”

Dr. Gorka was interviewed early this morning by FOX and was questioned about Steve Bannon’s “War On The GOP Establishment”.

Dr. Gorka warned against Bannon and his endeavor to unseat Republicans nation wide in the 2018 Senate elections. He then called out the establishment Senators who were unable to pass the Health Care bill after 8 years of calling for repeal and replace. Gorka called the failure of passing the Health Care bill an: 

“Utter complete shambolic failure.”

Here is the video of the interview:


Dr. Gorka intonates that regardless if we like it or not – right now – we have to work with establishment Senators like McConnell to have Tax Reform pass. Dr. Gorka posted this cartoon by Michael Ramirez. 

Cartoon compliments of Michael Ramirez and Sebastian Gorka’s public Facebook page

This cartoon is especially telling because it shows us what President Trump is dealing with. As one witty friend on Dr. Gorka’s post said “Now all we need is Ted Nugent’s Stranglehold playing in the background.” And a stranglehold is what it is. Just for fun, here is the video of “Stranglehold” by Ted Nugent.

I think we all know, we cannot afford to lose seats this cycle. Vote. And vote wisely for the 2018 Congressional seats in your state. If you would like to know who is running in your State click here. 

The question is will McConnell et al vote the Tax Reform in before the end of the year? Drop a line below and let us know. 

(Feature Photo Compliments of Dr. Sebastian Gorka’s public Facebook)