President Trump SLAMS Mainstream Media, Exposes Who MSM Are Protecting

The Uranium One Deal in 2010 is a disturbing situation for America and her National Security. Since uranium is used to create conditions for weapons of mass destruction, this deal allowed our greatest enemy to walk away with increased means and decreased our means to defend our great Country. Every American should be outraged. The deal allowed Russia to walk off with a fifth of our uranium supply. This deal is so frightening because it involves the previous administration. It involves the Obama White House, the Clinton State Department and the Holder Justice Department. 

President Trump, understanding the gravity of what happened and the new information coming to light was in the Oval Office yesterday and this is what he said about the subject. A partial transcript: 

“Your real Russia story is Uranium. And how they got all of that uranium…a vast percentage of what we have. That is to me, one of the big stories of the decade. Not just now, but of the decade. The problem is – the main stream media does not want to cover that story because that affects people that they protect.”


President Trump did not mince words. And once again, proving that he has a transparent White House and is communicating directly to the American people. Watch the video below: 


Peter Schweizer – broke the story in his book “Clinton Cash” about Uranium One and the subsequent sale between an American trucking company and a Canadian uranium mining company that essentially gave Russia 20% control of our uranium. The New York Times wrote an article about it at the time in 2015 confirming the facts in the book were indeed correct. Click here to see the New York Time piece.

Do you think the Uranium One Deal should be delved into by Congress? Senator Grassley is asking for a probe. Drop your thoughts below and let us know.

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