Imposter Woman Has Been Identified Posing With The President…

LOL How low will Washington Post go? I mean, seriously, an article about some random guy on Twitter who thinks that there’s a stand in for Melania? While Trump is on his way to a Secret Service training session in Maryland? Melania certainly did not have to attend that, but she is known to travel with her husband.

Nevermind , that the twitter user, who started the rumor that there was a mystery woman with Trump, sells marijuana oil and his twitter account is directly linked to his website. Can you say marketing ploy? Looks like he is  fishing for business.

More concerning, is that Washington Post would actually write an article about it. I will give the Washington Post author kudos for two things. One, is for figuring out and confirming that there was no “mystery woman” with Trump. And that, it was, in fact, Melania Trump with President Trump!

The Twitter user thought it wasn’t her because of her height (she was wearing flats) and because she was wearing sunglasses so it didn’t look like her! I think the rumor-starting-business-minded-twitter-user better lay off his own CBD oil.

The author of the Washington Post piece,  had one other point and that was: “Part of the embrace of this theory is driven by people having a lark, certainly. How sincere Vargas is, we don’t know; that his Twitter username is currently a URL to a business suggests that he’s perhaps not entirely sincere. But part of it, too, is the tendency Americans have these days to assume the worst, most nefarious things about their political opponents, no matter how far afield from what seems logical. Or, even, because it’s so far afield. These days, the more outrageous the idea, it seems, the more likely it is to meet with adherents. I mean: Pizzagate.”

Eyeroll on the Washington Post’s author with conflating “pizza gate” with an obvious marketing ploy. Trying to equate this made up hysteria over a mystery woman with Trump to Pizza Gate is truly a false equivalent. Washington Post keeps their title for leftist propaganda arm, after all.

Check out the tweets below and please note: She actually looks like Melania…because she is, Melania!


I think we found his problem:

Besides who could possibly be a double for our beautiful First Lady? Drop your thought below in comments!

 (Feature Photo Credit to GQ Melania Trump Interview: Marriage to Donald Trump)