Colin Kaepernick’s Attorney BASHES The President, Quotes JFK in His Attack

Colin Kaepernick’s Attorney Mark Geragos decided to get political after Trump tweeted about the NFL’s decision not to force players to stand.

Geragos said in a statement released by ESPN that Trump “should be a moral leader” in the fight for civil rights. He also said the President should support player protests against America’s law enforcement.

Here is the statement by Mark Geragos:

“As John F. Kennedy aptly noted almost 60 years ago, a president should be a moral leader in the crusade for human rights and “[h]e must exert the great moral and educational force of his office…to support the right of every American to stand up for his rights, even if on occasion he must sit down for them.”

This statement comes was a direct response to tweets from President Trump, which targeted the NFL’s decision not to implement a rule forcing players to stand for the National Anthem

Here are the tweets:

The NFL continues to face nation-wide backlash after players continue to disrespect America’s flag and National Anthem. The NFL has a policy already in place that requires players to stand according to their handbook, but is enforced at the team level.

Colin Kaepernick has filed a grievance against the NFL via Mark Geragos because he claims he does not currently have an NFL job as a result of kneeling for the National Anthem in 2016. It will be tough to prove, since several players are still kneeling and have all kept their jobs.

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