The Saints Sink To Their Knees On A New Low

On Sunday, it was the New Orleans Saints vs. the Detroit Lions…before the game even started. Even before the National Anthem started, there was an Honor of a fallen Police Officer – the night before.

The fallen officers name is Marcus McNeil. And he was in his twenties, with a beautiful wife and a young toddler. He won’t be coming home anymore to his family. And the Saint’s are protesting a black man with a job as a Law Enforcememt Officer? Do they even know what they are protesting anymore?

This young officer, got up every day, put his life on the line, and made a living. A family man. And the Saints are protesting this? Are they standing up for the killer?



Photo credit: The Advocate
Marcus McNeil.

A black man kills him during the line of duty. And the Saints are protesting, what? The murderer killing the Officer? Or the Officer? Do they even know?

The average football player makes 2 million dollars a year. There they are in their homes and playing a game they like and making a handsome salary. And they are protesting against a Law Enforcement Officer? Who got up every day to go to work?

The NFL needs to get their act together. Below is a video of the Saints taking a knee during the moment of silence for the fallen officer. When the Anthem started – they rose. This is not any better than kneeling during the Anthem. If not, worse.

This is Marcus McNeil killed in the line of duty.

Denzel Milon was Marcus’ partner. This is his tribute to Marcus from Denzel’s  Facebook page.

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(Feature Photo Courtesy: Screen Shot)