James Woods BLINDSIDES National Anthem Protesters With A Moment Of Truth

NFL players who are still protesting the National Anthem have obviously not seen that majority of America is not complying with whatever statement they are trying to make. Their message is vague and makes them look like complete Un-American buffoons while utilizing their fame & airtime to push a delusional political concept on the field.

Whatever it is they are trying to pull has become stale and cringe-worthy, as like some of the political stunts other celebrities like them have tried to pull while in the spotlight.

James Woods is one of the few celebrities left in America who reads right through whatever it is these pathetic NFL Anthem protesters are doing. And he hit them hard with a single REALITY CHECK that is a must-see for all of them who think they are doing a heroic deed:

James Woods is right. Though NFL players are taking hits and risk their goodwill every game, they simply are nothing more than entertainers…and appear to be clowns in a costume while protesting our anthem.

True heroes who take hits, perhaps in the form of bullets and risk their lives for our freedom are soldiers….not NFL players.

NFL players, if anything, have disgraced our entire military and country while trying to push their vague statement. If they truly care about fellow Americans, as they claim, they would immediately stop with the charade and do things that actually mean something to their communities.

Taking a knee does nothing other than divide. Is that what Anthem Protesters really want?