Joe Biden to Present John McCain With Special Award Worth $100,000

Republican Senator John McCain will be at the Philadelphia museum on Monday to receive an award from former Democrat Vice President Joe Biden. The medal has a $100,000 prize attached and is meant to honor those who work to secure liberty around the globe, according to

The six-term Senator is receiving this year’s annual National Constitution Center’s Liberty Medal because of “lifetime of sacrifice and service to the country.”

McCain stated back on July 20th after hearing the news:

“It has been my greatest privilege in life to swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, beginning with my enlistment in the Navy and continuing through my service in the United States Senate. Each time I have raised my right hand, I do so with enormous weight of the people who elected me to serve. I’m grateful to the National Constitution Center for this recognition, and am humbled to join the ranks of so many past Liberty Medal recipients I greatly admire.”

Joe Biden is presenting the award since he was named chairman of the Constitution Center’s board of trustees earlier this year, according to the report.

Here is Joe Biden’s statement on McCain he released back in July:

“John epitomizes statesmanship. In our over two decades serving together in the United States Senate, there were few others I could count on to be as honest, respectful, and decent as John. His heroic sacrifice for his country and dedicated service to his constituents are unquestionable and unmatched.”

McCain, the former POW turned lifetime Senator, has recently drawn outrage from the Republican Party after surprisingly voting “No” on the skinny repeal of Obama Care after years of touting “Repeal and Replace.” He has also been an opposing force of anything President Trump, who belongs to the same party, says and does. Constituents often refer to him as ‘traitor’ because of his antics that have followed the election of President Trump.

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