BREAKING: Hillary Hurt In UK During Her Book Tour


Hillary had a stall in her book tour on Monday after apparently suffering a fall and was forced to delay interview appearances with British news sources.

Hillary’s spokesperson tried to downplay the injury by saying she simply twisted her ankle and tweeted a picture of Hillary with a boot on. But Hillary told BBC news during her interview that she actually broke her toe.

Here is the tweet by Hillary’s spokesman showing her with a boot on.

This all came a day after Hillary was met by boos, cheers and people calling her ‘Fascist’ in London, per Breitbart News.

A source a close to Clinton reportedly said she was exhausted and she fell and hurt her foot. She apparently waited for x-rays to figure out if she would any more appearances, according to Britain’s Daily Mail.

Several news sources in the UK who were supposed to meet with Clinton spread the news all over before Hillary eventually decided to continue on with the book tour.

This isn’t the first time Clinton has been known to fall while in the public eye. During the election, she fell while leaving a 9/11 early. Cameras caught her falling while people tried to hold her up while getting in a vehicle.

Here it is:

And she was also caught falling while boarding a plane years back.

This has to be an embarrassing twist for the former Democrat Nominee for President as she continues on her book tour, and tries to make a case on why she may have lost the election. Health has never been to blame by her but almost everything and everyone else has.