3rd Grade Girls Blamed For Teacher’s Sexual Assault

Feature Photo: Third Grade Learning Studio - Riverview Elementary School

Normalizing Pedophilia? In Florida, in a public school, in Palm Beach County back in 2005, four 3rd grade girls were in class at Coral Sunset Elementary. They were each molested by Blake Sinrod…their teacher.

Blake Sinrod pleaded guilty to child abuse charges in 2005. Adjudication was withheld after he met the terms of his probation. (Handout)

The interesting twist is that the School Board has placed the blame directly on the shoulders of these young innocents’ as reported by the Sun Sentenial:

“The children were ‘old enough to appreciate the consequences of their actions’ when they did what their teacher told them to, the district said in court documents. In response to a lawsuit from the girls’ families, the district said the children ‘conducted themselves in a careless and negligent manner’ and administrators should not be held responsible. Now, a dozen years after the incident, the district is poised to pay $3.6 million to settle the lawsuit.”

The molestation’s came to light when one of the four girls in 2005, went to her mother and told her that her teacher touched her during reading group class. The other three told similar stories. One during movie time. The Sun Sentential reported:

“They described Sinrold inappropriately touching them during a reading group or classroom movie. Some of the girls said they gave him neck rubs, and some said Sinrod instructed them to place their hand on his genital area outside his clothes, according to a police report.”

Prior to the 2005 allegations it is now known that a second grade girl complained about a similar incident in 2003 at Coral Sunset Elementary. “The assistant principal told those parents that Sinrod was a “highly recommended teacher” and that their daughter must be lying, the parents alleged in court filings.”

Elementary school teachers – who are charged with caring, teaching and protecting the youngest and most vulnerable of our society – seem to be the ones who are sexually abusing our children with more and more frequency.

How did this trend begin? How did our public school system become so anesthetized to pedophilia and why? Drop your comment below and let us know.

(Feature Photo Courtesy of: Third Grade Learning Studio – Riverview Elementary School)