President Trump Just Dropped a BOMB on Obama’s 2015 Iran Deal

President Trump is busy again today and WOW did he deliver a POWERFUL speech. He is in Washington D.C. at the White House and is giving a speech and announced a major game-changer for Iran and their race to have nuclear weapons. It will slow down their funding for terrorism as well.

Congress will now look at the JCPOA to see if it wants to do anything about it. One of the issues that needs to be fixed is being able to get into Iran to do the inspections. These are the main points Congress will need to look at:

1. Auto snapback of sanctions for one year break out period.

2. Restrictions remain in force indefinitely.

3. Bolster IAEA Verification Powers

4. Restrictions remain in Force

5. Limit Advanced centrifuge program

6. Congress has 60 days to do something about the JCPOA.

If the Congress does nothing then the President can step in. Obama’s 2015 Iran Deal was set to be recertified and after analyzing the deal with advisors, President Trump announced his decision:

President Trump: “We can and will not make this certification.” 


  • We will deny Iran all paths to a nuclear weapon
  • Iran is not living up to the spirit of the nuclear deal
  • We will impose tough sanctions on Iran’s revolutionary guard
  • We will place additional sanctions on Iran to block financing of terror
  • Urge our allies to join us in taking action against Iran’s destabilizing behavior
  • Will not recertify Iran’s compliance with nuclear deal
  • I can cancel U.S. participation in the nuclear deal at any time
  • The  citizens of Iran have paid a heavy price for the extremism of their leaders

(Feature Photo Courtesy of Youtube Google Search)


Thank you Mr President for keeping America safe. Are you happy that President Trump is having Congress deal with the Iran fiasco before it grows?