President Trump Speaks At Values Voter Summit WATCH It Here

Feature Photo from NPR

“When America Is Unified NO Force On Earth Can Break Us Apart” – President Trump. That is just a taste of what our America First President had to say at the VALUES VOTER SUMMIT which took place this morning in Washington D.C. President Trump is the first sitting President to speak at the summit. It is a coalition of AMERICAN SOCIAL CONSERVATIVES. Please watch the Video for LIVE coverage of the speech.


Best Trump Quotes from speech:

  • Our Hearts Remain Heavy About Las Vegas -President Trump
  • America is a Nation Of Believers -President Trump
  • We cherish the dignity of every human life-President Trump
  • We support the rule of law and the incredible men and women of law enforcement -President Trump
  • We respect our GREAT American Flag – President Trump
  • The American Family is the True Bedrock of American Life- President Trump
  • Hope Congress will pass massive tax cuts for the American People- President Trump

The last Trumpism elicited a spontaneous uproar of applause and whoops and a standing ovation! So if the NFL thinks disrespecting the Flag is still a good idea…they should think again.

(Feature Photo compliments of NPR)

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