BREAKING: Police Update On Las Vegas Investigation

Joseph Lombardo, Clark County, NV Sheriff has updated us on the Las Vegas Massacre:

Here are the main points of what Lombardo said: 

  • 546 reported with injuries –  501 discharged from hospitals and 58 deceased
  • 45 shooting victims remain in the hospital and some in critical condition let’s hope they do well
  • We used 17 separate medical facilities to accommodate injuries
  • It is believed that fuel tanks at the airport were fired upon with intent by the shooter
  • They were aware that he was there on the 25th under a different reservation and on the 28th the reservation changed to include Danley’s name and that is why the confusion of the date change
  • Autopsy – Paddock – early on there were no abnormalities with a visual inspection and now a microscopic inspection is being done but nothing to report right now because it has not been completed
  • He is offended that the word “incompetent” was brought up and this is a very dynamic and tragic event and he was reporting as he knew the details early on
  • Security log – cameras and interviews – have all been gone through. Campos was not shot at 9:59 (this is when the security guard first responded to the open door way adjacent to shooter’s room). 9:59 is important and it was inaccurate initially that was the time that he first responded to the guest request- and the time was 22:05 or 10:05pm when Campos was shot. He then navigated the hallway and met bullets. He then when up a floor. The firing ceased by the time officers arrived at gunman’s room
  • I am aware of MGM’s statement – I am in agreement with their statement
  • There is NO conspiracy between the FBI, Police, or MGM – Does everybody understand that?
  • Nobody is attempting to hide anything
  • We are standing hand in hand with the FBI
  • Then Aaron Rouse FBI Special Agent spoke:
  • We have found no ties to outside terrorism at this point
  • FBI are reviewing all the digital items and personal items
  • If you know something say something 1-800-CALL FBI

(Feature Photo courtesy Dagger News)

Well. There is the latest Las Vegas massacre update. What are  you thinking after learning about the new updates? Drop a line below and let us know.