Trump’s Newly Signed Executive Order Will End Obama Care For Good!

President Trump is doing what Congress would not do for the American people. The Executive Order, which was signed today around 11:15 am EST was a bill that was brought to the table during Obama’s administration and was never passed. Since Obamacare is failing, it is reported by Fox that in 2018 30% of the users will have no options left due to the providers leaving the program. Obamacare is dying. Gasping it’s last breaths.

President Trump will sign an executive order that will essentially deregulate the industry so that health insurance may be sold and purchased across State lines. This will cause lower and more competitive pricing and is a welcomed win for FREE MARKET CAPITALISM. This order will effectively end Obamacare.

Senator Rand Paul is a supporter of the EO and will be in attendance for the signing:

To watch President Trump sign the Executive Order see the video below:


Main Points of Executive Order:

  1. The executive order will allow insurance groups to band together to offer plans across State lines called Association Health Plans.
  2. Consumers will be able to purchase health insurance at lowered rates and will be able to choose what they want covered.
  3. Tax-advantaged accounts known as health reimbursement accounts will be instituted to help pay for their premiums.
  4. Allows deregulation of the insurance market.

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