Trump Jr. BURNS Hollywood Amid Widespread Sexual Harassment Claims

Like his father, Donald Trump Jr. is an extremely calculated individual and will only make attacks and statements when the time is necessary.

That is exactly what he has done over the last 24 hours. First, he did it with the Boy Scouts controversy in this Tweet:

And from there, he set his sight upon liberal celebrities, as allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct continue pouring in and are sending shock waves through the entire Hollywood community.

Just look at how Trump Jr. reacted to the Hollywood mess:

Trump Jr.’s tweets are humourous, yet also hold a lot of truth and give America a full taste of the hypocrisy and lack of morals that Hollywood and politicians funded by it stand for. Sure, we are all bound to make mistakes..we are all human.

However, it’s very ironic that the ones who were screaming “Misogynist” or “Sexist” or “Pervert” about Trump Jr.’s father all the way up until the latest scandals broke, are really appearing to take on the mold of what they proclaim about someone else. And watching it all unfold is probably the best entertainment America has seen out of Hollywood in quite some time.

Trump Jr. Pic/Quote by FOX News