Op Ed: Did You Know The Original Pocahontas Saved America From Socialism?

Photo credit of "Old Virginia and Her Neighbors," John Fiske, Published, 1897

Pocahontas saved John Smith and he saved Jamestown from dying from ‘communism’. 

Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, Progressivism…they’re all the same, only the names are changed to deceive the easily duped. Regardless, it always fails. Insanity is described as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Let’s just call it foolishness and be done with it.

The following is a page out of the book, “Old Virginia and Her Neighbors,” John Fiske, Published, 1897. It’s 1609, and Smith has been spared by Pocahontas’s father and takes command of Jamestown, a place in dismal condition: (below photo is the text transcribed for easier viewing)

“Old Virginia and Her Neighbors,” John Fiske, Published, 1897

“One of the most serious difficulties under which the colony laboured was the commun-istic plan upon which it had been started. The settlers had come without wives and children, and each man worked not to acquire property for him-self and his family but to further the general pur-poses of the colony. In planting corn, in felling trees, in repairing the fortifications, even in hunt-ing or fishing, he was working for the community; whatever he could get by his own toil or by trade with the natives went straightway into the common stock, and the skilful and industrious fared no better than the stupid and lazy. The strongest kind of premium was thus at once put upon idleness, which under cir-cumstances of extreme anxiety and depression is apt enough to flourish without any premium.”

“Things had arrived at such a pass that some thirty or forty men were supporting the whole company of two hundred, when President Smith applied the strong hand. He gathered them all together one day and plainly told them that he was their law-fully chosen ruler and should promptly punish all infractions of discipline, and thy must all under-stand that hereafter he that will not work shall not eat. His authority had come to be great, and the rule was enforced.”

“By the end of April some twenty houses had been built, a well of pure sweet water had been dug in the fort, thirty acres or more of ground had been broken up and planted, and nets and weirs arranged for fishing. A few hogs and fowl had been left by Newport, and now could be heard the squeals of sixty pigs and the peeping of five hundred spring chickens. The manufacture of tar and soap-ashes went on, and a new fortress was begun in an easily defensible position upon a commanding hill.” – “Old Virginia and Her Neighbors,” John Fiske, Published, 1897- Guest Op Ed Credit to: GL Hani

Photo Credit: Shaping America – Pocahontas and John Smith, a painting

(Feature Photo Credit to ThoughtCo: Pocahontas throws herself over Smith to save his life.)

#2 Op Ed credit to LG Bani. LG Bani is a writer and published author, he is an expert on the original copies of Washington Irving’s 1848 biography of Columbus and 1892’s John Fiske on the Discovery of America.

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