Maxine Waters Tries to Get Ben Carson to Bad Mouth Trump, Fails Miserably

California’s Dem. Representative Maxine Waters has tried to come up with every reason except for a legit one to either bash or impeach President Trump. And every time it happens, she makes herself look more and more desperate and pathetic. Today, that is exactly what happened when she got into an exchange with HUD Secretary Ben Carson while testifying before the Financial Services Committee.

Waters used the situation to try to make Trump look bad (who would’ve ever guessed) and pressed Ben Carson on Trump’s handling of Puerto Rico. According to the YouTube via CSPAN posted at the bottom of the article, Waters said, “Trump threatened to abandon Puerto Rico’s recovery efforts.” Then she cited his recent tweets in which he stated that we can’t keep federal government emergency services in Puerto Rico forever.  Here are the Tweets:

She asked Carson if he agreed with President Trump?

As Carson was in the middle of explaining the situation in Puerto Rico and saying he has no intention of abandoning Puerto Rico, Waters interrupted him and said:

“I’m not talking about that. What I’m talking about are these tweets… Do you agree with the president.”

Carson repeated what he previously said, which is he has no intention of abandoning Puerto Rico.

Waters then asked, “So you don’t agree with the President?”

Carson replied, “There is no question that there have been a lot of difficulties in Puerto Rico.” And proceeded to say he doesn’t believe in going around and shaming people.

“OK. I’m glad to hear you don’t agree with the president,” Waters responded.

Watch the whole exchange here:


How was Maxine Waters able to make out that Ben Carson doesn’t agree with the President out of that exchange? What we really saw was her making something out of a bunch of nothing and, of course, she will probably use this exchange to make a case for something on her agenda, while speaking out against the President. Will she ever give it up?

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  1. There’s so much hate in the liberals that they just blinded & death to any good deeds this President is doing for the people in need. Actions speak louder than words., The President has done so much in few months he is in power than the Democratic party when in years of power. Keep bad mouthing the President, and no one will listen to you. I love the President! & Ben Carson!

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