Law Enforcement Responds After 911 Call Involving ‘Suicidal’ Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein’s daughter was forced to call 911 on her father Wednesday, per a TMZ report.

According to the report, Harvey  and his daughter got into an argument inside his 22-year-old daughter’s home. The argument carried on into the street outside her home and Harvey yelled “You’re making it worse” to her .

Law enforcement said he then flagged down a random vehicle driving and begged for a ride. This prompted his daughter to call the police, saying her dad was “suicidal and depressed.” However, once officers arrived, Harvey was gone.

Regarding the situation TMZ revealed:

We’re told Remy convinced her father to go back in the house, and shortly thereafter — around 10:30 AM — LAPD and her alarm company showed up. When officers arrived Remy told them no suicidal statements were made, and it was purely a family dispute.

The statement made to arriving officers contradicted what she had said to tje dispatcher a short time prior during the 911 call.

Weinstein reportedly flew overseas Wednesday to seek treatment. The business mogul has been accused of sexual harassment, which led to him being fired from his own company.


(Main Article Photo: Daily Mail, Google search compilation by Dagger News)