Affleck Has A Skeleton In His Closet After Condemning Weinstein

Photo compliments of sceen grab and Dagger News.

Oh the hypocrisy of the leftist Democrats! Looks like Ben has a skeleton in his own closet! And this one is a doozey! Ben Affleck, a producer in Hollywood and a staunch Democrat had this to say about Harvey Weinstein:

Watch the Video below with Anne-Marie Losique of Box Office prior to the release of his film “Jersey Girls” – some of Ben’s gems: 

  • “I’m getting those titties out.” 
  • “I’d like it better if you did the show topless.”
  • “These breasts are very firm.”

I suspect that Hollywood has not changed. We have known for decades that Hollywood is a place of decadence. Where young people go from all over the country to try to make it BIG in the Movies. And rarely are they the fortunate ones who risk it all to make it into the “A” Listers club. I think the hypocrisy of Affleck making a statement condemning Weinstein and then to find out he has his own faults is appropriate for Hollywood standards. Would you like to see Hollywood clean up it’s act? Comment below and let us know. 

(Photo compliments of screen grab and Dagger News.)