Washed Up Rapper Eminem ATTACKS Trump & Supporters During BET Awards

44-year-old rapper, Eminem, attempted to lyrically take down President Trump and his supporters on live TV during the BET Hip Hop Awards.

Eminem initially directed his rap at President Trump by tying in thoughts about immigration, white supremacy, the NFL, gun control, environmental disasters and other subjects. He then turned his attention to Trump supporters and fans of his that can’t decide if they support Trump during the 4 minute video.

“And any fan of mine who’s a supporter of his/ I’m drawing in the sand a line/ You’re either for or against/ And if you can’t decide who you like more and you’re split/ On who you should stand beside/ I’ll do it for you with this,” and flipped off the camera.

See the video here:


If he was trying to gain fans and revive his career, he didn’t do a very good job as he pretty much told half of America that he doesn’t want their support. What is it with these celebrity meltdowns anymore?

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  1. E MINE M. Really


    Just saying his word not mine ha ha ha

  2. Chrisan Hawkins | October 11, 2017 at 11:28 PM |

    How can This guy be so stupid? Seriously, I wish this idiots that we have been throwing our hard earned money away on for decades would shut, and sit down! They are showing their igorance! I guess the majority of the stars didn’t study anything in school except acting and music! I never liked the car anyway! He has always been one of my most dislike people!

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