Paul Ryan Gives Congress A Wake Up Call At Today’s Press Conference

Paul Ryan (R-WI) Speaker of the House, held a quick news conference just a few moments ago. He had one BIG message to deliver and it seems it was directed at Congress!

Ryan: The best way for us to help people is to stay unified on our agenda 

It seems like Ryan wanted to let America know that he realizes there is a problem with Republicans being split in Congress and he is letting them know that they need to go to work for the American people!

He also had this to say:

Ryan: Giving Puerto Rico loan program like the one given to New Orleans after Katrina

He mentioned the wild fires also and President Trump has approved a major disaster declaration.

Will you be happy when our Congress decides to work together and get healthcare, tax plan and infrastructure passed ? Drop a line below and let us know.

(Photo Credit: Politicus USA Paul Ryan)