Trump CALLS OUT Multiple Sources for Publishing Fake Story

CNBC , started it with a BIG headline: Why Trump Will Fire John Kelly Chief Of Staff. Then Politico chimed in with the headline “Trump disputes unidentified report on Kelly’s imminent firing“. And finally, the dependable left wing propaganda arm the Washington Post jumped on the top of the fake news pile with “How long will John Kelly last as chief of staff?“. If you are even mildly interested in lowering your IQ points just click on the previously highlighted names of the “journalistic” rags to read their hogwash.

In the most transparent White House in decades, our President took to Twitter last evening to set the record straight!

Well, Fake Media, looks like you have been shot down again and it does NOT appear General John Kelly will be going anywhere. General John Francis Kelly   is the current White House Chief of Staff and was formerly the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security appointed by President Trump.

(Feature Photo Compliments of Breitbart Reports: Donald Trump Selects Retired General John Kelly for DHS Head)

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