Project Veritas Just Dropped A Major Bombshell On The New York Times

Feature Photo Credit of Screen Grab and Dagger News

Nick Dudich who is the Audience Strategy Editor of the New York Times which is essentially the gatekeeper position of the extensive online video content library. According to Dudrich:

My imprint is on everything we do (at the New York Times).


NYT says they have no political agenda. But that’s not true. Project Veritas, who is interested in calling out the NYT discovered this BOMBSHELL about Nick Dudich. Before joining the NYT, Dudich worked for the Presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and is an open Anti-Trumper and interested in destroying Trumps business’. And you will NEVER believe who he says his God Father is…. James Comey. That’s right. James Comey. The same disgraced former FBI Director. According to the NYT, employees are not allowed to write about any family members or those that they are close to. The Project Veritas journalist tried to confirm this story with Nick’s mom and dad that Comey was Nick’s God Father. His Dad said the story wasn’t true. The journalist then called Nick to call him out on his LIE. And Nick slovenly admitted it was all a lie. And said it would just “make a good story”. Apparently, the New York Times employs a casually good liar. Does this surprise anyone? 


Watch this video for all the details: 

(Feature Photo Credit of Screen Grab and Dagger News)

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