President Trump Gives a ‘Big Salute’ to NFL Owner on National Anthem Stance

Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones made headlines on Sunday after revealing that any of his players who protest the National Anthem will not get playing time. He reiterated the policy on Monday with ESPN’s Chris Mortensen in an interview, which he stated there will be “no exceptions” to his rule because Jones believes that players “need consequences” for disrespecting the flag and the anthem.

Here is Mortensen’s statement regarding the interview with Jones via his Twitter and CBS Sports:

“[Jones] said there are no exceptions to this rule or this policy. Any player who disrespects the flag or does not stand for the anthem will not play in the game. And if they want to notify the team before the game, hey I’m not going to do this, they can make them inactive. No exceptions — he started naming Dak Prescott, Zeke Elliott. No exceptions, he said, there are no exceptions.”

Jones also cited the NFL policy in the league handbook as part of his decision. Here is the league rule via ESPN’s Kevin Seifert:

Donald Trump, on Monday evening, praised Jerry Jones for stepping up and making the bold decision to help end NFL anthem protests that have plagued the league. Here is his tweet:

Jones admitted that he sought to bring an end to the league-wide disgraceful anthem protesting when he and his team played the Arizona Cardinals. Jones and his team took a team knee before the National Anthem played and then stood up to salute the anthem right before it started to play. He was hoping to set a league-wide trend however, since then there have still been numerous players opting to kneel and sit for the National Anthem, including this past Sunday when the 49ers kneeled for the anthem, forcing Mike Pence to leave the game soon after. Pence said he didn’t want to be part of an even where the players can’t dignify our National flag, song and soldiers.

Time will tell if any other owners will follow suit on Jerry Jones decision. So you agree with it? Comment your response below and let us know!

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