Dinesh D’Souza’s Latest Joke Is Guaranteed To Make You LOL

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Dinesh D’Souzas is an Indian American Conservative political commentator who completely SLAMMED Michael Moore and Harvey Weiner on Twitter! This is Classic! Dinesh Tweeted: 

One of the BEST responses was the Tweet: 

No honor among Thieves…or in this case, among leftists. Yet they are quick to preach “morality” to the rest of us.” -CGA

Harvey Weinstein – a Hollywood Producer – has been accused of sexually harassing starlets for years on the proverbial “casting couch.” His accusers are per Fox News and The New York Times:

  1. “Scream” actress Rose McGowan was paid a $100,000 settlement from Weinstein in 1997 following a hotel room incident.
  2. While in a bathrobe in his hotel room, had asked if he could give actress Ashley Judd a massage or the star could watch him take a shower.
  3. In 1998, Zelda Perkins, a former production assistant with Miramax, confronted Weinstein, and told him to stop his “inappropriate requests or comments in hotel rooms”.
  4. Emily Nestor, a temporary employee of Weinstein’s, said he’d made sexual advances to her as well, promising he’d help with her career.
  5. Weinstein and an unnamed assistant, who he reportedly tried to convince to give him a massage while he stood naked in front of her at a hotel, which left her “crying and very distraught,” according to a memo by Lauren O’Connor.
  6. Laura Madden detailed to the Times how Weinstein had asked her more than once for massages at hotels and how he would constantly make her re-evaluate herself after rejecting him.
  7. Ambra Battilana, an Italian model and actress, met with Weinstein at his office in New York’s SoHo neighborhood, the Times reported. But Battilana reportedly called the police hours later saying Weinstein had grabbed her breasts, while asking if they were real, and put his hand up her skirt. 
  8. Rebecca Traister, a reporter for The Cut, wrote how she encountered Weinstein while covering one of his book parties in early 2000. She claimed he screamed at her for a question she asked, calling her an obscene name.”

While Weinstein is couch casting starlets…this is what Dinesh was up to:

Dinesh, in his earlier years meets Ronald Reagan. 

Photo Credit: Vanity Fair
Ronald Reagan with D’Souza, 1988

(Feature Photo credit by Salon)

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