Y.A. Tittle-1963 NFL Most Valuable Player & Hall Of Fame QB Passes Away At Age 90

Photo compliments of Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Tittle played college ball at LSU. The family announced a few hours ago that Tittle passed away at age 90. Yelburton Abraham Tittle, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and LSU’s first T-formation quarterback, died Monday, according to LSU deputy director of athletics Verge Ausberry. Tittle was inducted into the LSU Athletic Hall of Fame in 1948. Tittle was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1971 per The Advocate. Y.A. Tittle played for the The Colts, San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants. As quoted by Wikipedia:

“Tittle threw the ball from a sidearm, almost underhand position, something novel at those times, though it was common practice in earlier decades. It was this seemingly underhand style that drew the curiosity and admiration of many fans.”

Y. A. Tittle, Pro Football Player/November 22, 1954/
credit: Fred Lyon – assign

Remembering Y.A. Tittle compliments of the NFL:

May Y.A. Tittle rest in peace.

(Feature Photo courtesy of Mercury News)