REALITY CHECK: Tomi Lahren Made Colin Kaepernick’s Hair Stand on End

When Tomi Lahren has reached her final straw with someone or something, she will let the whole world know in classic fashion.

And that is exactly what she did yesterday after rumors surfaced that Colin Kaepernick allegedly told a reporter that he would stand for the National Anthem if hired by a team and they required him to.

Kaepernick and his girlfriend later denied the reports. But regardless if there was any truth behind it or not, Tomi Lahren wanted to make something completely clear and set the record straight to Kaepernick.

Here are her tweets directed at Kaepernick:

Kaepernick and his girlfriend Nessa later responded to the rumors.

Aside from the kneeling debate, Tomi Lahren does have a point. Afterall, Kaepernick’s unemployment likely doesn’t fall on his disrespect during the National Anthem, as many other players are following suit and are still hired. Could it be that he just isn’t good enough to play in the NFL anymore?