Joseph Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Sheriff’s Department gave an official update on the heinous massacre of October 1st :

  • The brother is here in Las Vegas and Lombardo will not discuss the details
  • Jesus Campos – the secutiry guard – he was fired upon – he was responding to an alarm from an open door – not the suspects open door another door – he was doing a room check – he was able to confirm what he heard and saw after he was shot –  9:59 pm he got the call – injured prior to the mass volley of shots – a maintenance worker was on 32nd floor and Mr Campos was able to warn him – Police knew that Campos was shot after he exited the elevator
  • Still speaking with Ms Danley about weapons and who he came in contact with during the planning phase
  • No evidence that there was a second shooter
  • No evidence that there were ties to terror – no known ties to terrorist group
  • Do not know of any additional plans by suspect
  • Comprehensive evaluation of his technological equipment
  • There was no note in the suspects room – there was a document that had numbers on it and we do not know what it was for
  • There was drilling done to the adjacent wall to the doorway – assumption is to place a camera or gun – suspect drilled Hotel room doorway
  • Obtaining all of suspects medical records
  • No evaluation yet of suspects mental state
  • Suspect’s car held explosives
  • Lombardo said he would like to know the motive
  • Investigation will go another week at the Route 91 and the room of Mandalay Bay
  • Next press conference will be on Friday barring any key evidence that we become aware of


Not a lot of information and even Lombardo asked that we all be patient they are being thorough and the shooter covered his trail the few days before the shooting so it is making it more time consuming.

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  1. I think he was framed. Look into the ceo, Hillary Clinton, George Sorros. Raising money for the hate groups. Google who owns the Mandalay Bay. Why would a man wear gloves, and have a room and piles of guns registered in his name? Why would a rifle be lying across his ancle, when he shot himself with a revolver. I bet it was a .38 caliber. The head of fbi was found in park with a shot to the inside of mouth, didn’t chip his teeth or bust his mouth, either. Look for murdering Hillary Clinton.

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