America’s Team Owner Gives Players ONE Final Ultimatum on Anthem Protests

Feaature Image Courtesy of : Fort Worth Star Anyway you look at it, the Dallas Cowboys are America's Team.

When Vice President Pence and Second Lady, Karen, walked out after the 49’ers disrespected the flag yesterday during Sunday’s ball game, it was karma when they lost. aClick here to read about the incident. Hot on the heels of our Vice President’s honorable action, another influential NFL owner made a statement to his team. Jerrry Jones was reported to have told his Cowboy’s “any player who disrespects the flag during the anthem will not play.” With NFL hemorrhaging viewers, it’s good to see the Cowboy Franchise and the Vice President doing what they can to stop the division inside our sports team.

Can you believe Dale had to ask?

(Feature Image Courtesy of: Fort Worth Star/Anyway you look at it, the Dallas Cowboys are America’s Team.)

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Are you good with VP Pence and Jerry Jones’ actions during Week 4 to keep politics out of sports? Drop a line below and let us know!

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  1. Football is our escape from everyday life an entertainment venue , not a political venue and until every player that disrespects our country is gone from NFL this life long football fanatic will not go to any games , buy NFL branded merchandise , buy any sponcers product , cancelled my cable NFL and ESPN networks and Sirius Radio. We need new league anyway USA Football network and even prior to this fiasco Goodell got to be 1st one out

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