Will NFL Week 5 Viewership Numbers Continue to TANK?

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It’s the 5th week of NFL televised games. And it appears our boycott seems to be in full swing. I encourage everyone who IS boycotting to continue to do so. As the NFL’s numbers seem to taking a dive to the depths of the bottom of the ocean! There are several articles who skew the figures and have to dig back 5 years to make it appear that the NFL is not losing viewers. Last Sunday’s game (Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos) viewership numbers say it all though. Down 31% from last season’s in the same week and spot. They lost a THIRD of their viewership. Gee, I wonder why ?

Darren Rovel’s ESPN’s Business Reporter tweeted earlier this week:

Last year, when NFL viewership went down after the Kaepernick-kneel-fiasco, they tried to say it was because of the election. Give me a break! The National Football League is running out of excuses. Are they truly so blind as to not see that American’s do NOT appreciate the National Anthem being disrespected?

Jason Clinkscales of Awful Announcing rightfully said that “Viewership through Week 4 shows just about  EVERYONE is mad at the NFL.”  Viewership is down with males, females, asian, lantix, black and whites and across all age groups. When you look at the statistics from Nielsen, viewership is down:

Source: Nielsen Media Research; 2015-17 NFL regular seasons through Week 4; Live+Same Day, nationally-televised broadcasts only (CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN – Excluding NFL Network).

For more on the Nielsen Research click here.

I, for one, am going to continue the Boycott. Until the NFL, plays the Anthem and tames their players into behaving like Patriots, even if they are acting. Do it for America. For the children. For our future.

The Boycott seems to be affecting the NFL and it’s viewership…are you going to watch this Sunday or stick with the Boycott? Drop a note below in comments and let us know!

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  1. Sandra buchman | October 8, 2017 at 10:24 AM |

    I will continue boycott nfl

  2. Thank you Sandra! Awesome!!

  3. Still boycotting.
    Had a co-worker claim the anthem is racist.
    Yes she’s a dumbocrat .

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