Look Which State Can Now Arrest Citizens for Using Gender Pronouns Incorrectly

WOW. So one of our States has decided it’s okay to jail people and slap a fine on them for not using the “correct” pronoun that the minority LGBT Community deems appropriate. In America, 3.4 % of the total population identifies as LGBT according to Wikipedia.  Leave it up to Senator Scott Weiner (CA-D District 11) who co-authored California’s SB 219 to include jailing anyone who does not use a gender pronoun to the liking of someone else and can jail someone for refusing to share a room with them and for refusing to let them use a bathroom they want to regardless of their gender. Click here to link to the actual California legislation. In a nutshell, the four areas below are FOR the rights of elderly LGBT Californians;however, excludes the rights of on Non-LGBT elderly. Should an elderly person be forced to room with someone they don’t want to room with or should an elderly person be forced to share a bathroom with someone from the opposite sex?

  • “Gender-nonconforming” means a person whose gender expression does not conform to stereotypical expectations of how a man or woman should appear or act.
  • Willfully and repeatedly fail to use a resident’s preferred name or pronouns after being clearly informed of the preferred name or pronouns.
  • Deny a request by residents to share a room.
  • Prohibit a resident from using, or harass a resident who seeks to use or does use, a restroom available to other persons of the same gender identity, regardless of whether the resident is making a gender transition or appears to be gender-nonconforming. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, requiring a resident to show identity documents in order to gain entrance to a restroom available to other persons of the same gender identity.

Photo Courtesy of Scott Weiner’s Public Website

It’s these types of laws that chip away at the fabric of America. To make it more palpable when they lay down a law similar to extend the rights of the minority over the rights of the majority. They choose to make law for the elderly so that it pulls at people’s heartstrings. Yet the ultimate goal is to make it go mainstream so that it will be law in our schools and public buildings.

California’s SB 219 is similar to the law Canada recently passed, Bill C-16. See the video below as a Canadian lawyer explains their Bill. California always seemed to want to be a part of Canada and now they have adopted a similar law:

(Feature Photo Courtesy of screenshot from Video.net)

It was Governor Jerry Brown of California who signed the Bill into Law. Do you think he is doing more harm than good in California? Lay your comment below and let us know.

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  1. California has gone down the tubes for a long long time. I’m going to vote out Brown and all legislators. It would be better if they were all yanked off their posts right now. I can’t move or I would have if my daughter and grandchildren could come with me.

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