Liz Wheeler CRUSHES Opposition to Trump’s Contraceptive Mandate Rollback

Yesterday, President Trump made headlines once announced that he was rolling back Obama’s controversial Contraceptive Mandate Rollback. Doing so was a big win to individuals with religious and moral objections that are not specifically religious in nature.

Trumps decision however didn’t go without opposition. Members of the Democratic Party voiced their criticism and disgust. Many of them voiced it on Twitter, however, OANN’S Tipping Point host, Liz Wheeler, was there to pounce on such hate-filled statements that were made.

Wheeler smacked down person after person and included some of her own thoughts on the Contraceptive Mandate Rollback.

See below:

Wheeler Responded

Wheeler Responded

Wheeler Responded

It’s tough to find a comeback for Liz Wheeler’s arguments. She’s tough to win against as she brings up excellent points. How do you feel about the rollback?

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