It Was A BUSY Early Morning With CLASSIC Trump Tweets!

Feature Photo Complements of The Warp

Our transparent President Trump was up early this morning tweeting away! And BOY am I glad he did! He started with this jewel promptly at 7:00 AM! And caused a twitter war between Kimmel and Cernovich! The clear winner was CERNOVICH after a one-two three twitter punch, Kimmel was flat on the mat and speechless! 

And the VERY UNFUNNY and narcissistic Kimmel instead of addressing the question of “equal time” shot back with this: 

And Mike Cernovich another early morning riser JUMPED ON KIMMEL and WON the twitter war round, hands down,  as Kimmel suddenly had NOTHING to say! 

And on a side note: President Trump will be attending fundraiser in Greensboro, North Carolina. He will be leaving later this evening. We have one busy President! 

(Feature Photo Compliments of The Warp)

Are you happy our President Tweets and do you agree that Late Night ought to switch it up and make coverage more equal?! Drop a line below and let us know!